Special Projects

Your generosity changes lives. Thank you!



Education Endowment

You want your children and grandchildren educated for this life…and for eternity.

One of the ways you can help make an Adventist Christian Education accessible to more students is to contribute to the Education Endowment.

Donate today to our K-8 Education Endowment!



Camp Mohaven Endowment

Did you know you can donate to our own Camp Mohaven endowment fund through the end of 2018? 

Watch a video from our Planned Giving department, originally shared during the April 2018 town hall meetings.

A $25,000 dollar for dollar matching challenge. Mark your tithe envelopes "Camp Mohaven Endowment Fund" or donate online below.


Evangelism Endowment

Do you have a passion for evangelism? 

Contact our Planned Giving department to learn more on ways to give towards the mission of the kingdom of God.

Donate today to our Evangelism Endowment below.




Vision Ohio

Called a "miracle offering" by many, Vision Ohio helps the Ohio Conference expand and enhance ministry within our territory, particularly at the local church and school level.

Mark your tithe envelopes "Vision Ohio" or use the convenient "donate" button below.