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Welcome! Whether you are new to Women's Ministries or a seasoned mentor, you have come to the right place for Women's Ministries in Ohio!

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How well do you know The Lord’s Prayer?

Often we pray the Lord’s Prayer, words which we have memorized that take 30 seconds to say. But do we honestly know we are praying? Do we know what we are asking of God? Do we know why we are praising Him? Do we understand what it means to forgive?

Join us as we worship, pray, and dig deep into the Lord’s Prayer.  We will examine each of the phrases of this Prayer in-depth, and truly make them part of our hearts.

SUNDAY, JULY 10 • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM




Click here to register online. Registration not complete until payment is received.

Call 740.397.4665, ext 128 to pay with a credit card or mail your check to: Ohio Conference, c/o Women's Ministries, PO Box 1230, Mount Vernon, OH 43050.

Questions? Contact Heidi Shoemaker at wministries@ohioadventist.org or call 740.397.4665, ext 128.


About our Presenter...

Pastor Buffy Halvorsen has been in ministry with her husband, Ron, for 35 years. Together they have served in churches all over the nation. Currently she is enjoying getting to know the people of Ohio as she develops programs and assists Ron as he calls Ohio to prayer. She is a minister at heart and has been called by God to help make marriages and families stronger and heal wounds caused by sin in His children. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and certified Life Coach as well as an international speaker and author.


Please feel free to contact Heidi Shoemaker at wministries@ohioadventist.org for any suggestions or comments regarding this important ministry. 


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How to Contact Ohio Conference Women's Ministries

Contact Information for Women's Ministries Director

The Office of Women's Ministries is located at the Ohio Conference of Seventh-day Adventists located in Mount Vernon, Ohio.  For general information or to register for events, you may contact Women's Ministries Director Heidi Shoemaker at 740.397.4665, ext 128, or email wministries@ohioadventist.org.

Women's Ministries Associate:

Focusing on the northern half of the state is Sue Bell, with great ideas, support, and experience. You may contact Sue at 440.968.3105.

The Seventh-day Adventist World Church appreciates this important way of ministering to its female constituents. The General Conference Women’s Ministries Department, the North American Division Women’s Ministries Department, and the Columbia Union Women’s Ministries Representative all exist to support and nurture Ohio and other such conference Women’s Ministries endeavors.