#MinistryDoesNotStop RESOURCES



While we will do our part to practice social distancing to help #flattenthecurve, we want everyone to know that #ministrydoesnotstop!

Our churches are more than buildings. Church is more than a program. The church is PEOPLE, and it is YOU.

We are compiling practical resources for you and your churches, and are sharing them on this page. Our collection is growing, and will continue to do so.

Embrace these new opportunities with us, and share your own. Remind others that though we aren’t together in the building#ministrydoesnotstop!

Free Bible promise sharing cards from LifeTalk Radio

Share encouragement with free Bible promise sharing cards from LifeTalk Radio. It’s a fast and easy way to share God’s Word and show someone you care. It only takes a minute to choose from the beautiful designs at LifeTalk.net/eCards, or order printed cards at lifetalk.net/sharing-cards. 

These are a great way to reach out and stay connected to your church family and friends. #MinistryDoesNotStop



We want our church to come back stronger and more unified from this experience.  Big Data + Social Media offers multiple resources we think you will find useful to help migrate your worship service and help you build an online community for your church. [updated regularly]

Topics include: Apps & Software, Community Building & Service, Content Creation, Digital Discipleship, Live-Streaming & Video, Online Church, Podcasting, Search Engine Optimization.


Kettering Adventists Church: The HUB

It's a framework for anyone in the Kettering church family to create content that could help others navigate this time of isolation as people seek to protect the most vulnerable. 
Kettering pastors will generate some content (devotionals, weekly video cast on the sermon, live worship, etc…), but then it is our hope that members will share ideas and lead out in providing resources as well as online content. 
The Hub will then be the place where all this content is connected and funneled so that other church or community members can access it.

The Ohio Conference family is invited to utilize this unique resource.


FREE Audio Conferencing with FreeConferenceCall.com


Center for Online Evangelism

The Online Mission Field Awaits!

Millions of people—of all ages, around the world—are online, scrolling through messages and googling ideas and questions they’re afraid to ask anyone in person. Several thousand of them google the phrase “Bible study” each month! This is a ministry opportunity like no other.
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RESOURCE FOR PARENTS - Upper Columbia Conference Youth Ministries


Youth Ministry Games

(shared by Pastor Jeremy Wong)

(This website has some free downloadable resources for youth ministry. It has games, devotionals, small group lessons etc.) 

2. https://youthgroup.downloadyouthministry.com 
(This has helpful articles on how to do games on zoom etc.) 

3. https://sidekick.tv 
(This is a great program to run games on your computer when you are using zoom. The company is running a free two-month promo so you can use this for free. Instructions on how to run it on zoom are listed on the above website.) 

4. https://www.airconsole.com 
(Game site) 

5. https://jackboxgames.com (Another game site.)


Free Youth Ministry Resources:

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the entire world into a challenging and concerning era. Now more than ever in recent history, the Church and its leaders are needing to revolutionize their methodologies as they have all been thrust into the digital landscape as the new frontier for relational ministry for all generations. #GYA has assembled an array of COVID-19 and #GrowingYoungAdventist related resources that are free and easily accessible to ministry leaders:  https://growingyoungadventists.com/2018/07/27/free-resources/


Children's Ministry Resources

A Place to do Something

“A Place to Do Something” creates an interactive, online Sabbath School experience for children who are unable to attend their local church.

What Does Online Church Mean for Children? Resources from the NAD Children's Ministries Department #


How to Give Tithe and Offerings Online through AdventistGiving


Live Streaming Tips

Live Streaming Through Your Adventist Church Connect Website

Live Streaming for Smaller Churches from the NAD Ministerial Department

Live Streaming for Children's Programing from the NAD Ministerial Department